Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Broken Heart and Million Setbacks.

Quite unfortunate! What? What I am talking about? Yes, he was quite a minacious as a person, as a friend and most importantly as a best friend.  He didn’t cognize what it really takes to be best friends with a girl.  It was quite so illogical of him that he always conjured a person next to him alike him. No sensitive, no tender, no spiritualist. He later found it that the very person he was talking to in helluva sentences was the reverse of what he had thought of.  He did many a foul ups. He did many blunders. He was juvenile by those feelings which were felt very closely by others and had no knowledge of what close intimacies were? He still ponders over what they are really like? Are they like sitting together and talk and develop certain kind of modus operandi? Are they like being forethoughtful about the person with whom you share your thinking and mentations?  With whom you share your persuasions and frenzied notions?  He still mulls over these things. He may not be a best friend, a good companion and a soul mate for he lacked those qualities and characters, lineaments and tones that a person ought to have.  This was the reason he lost someone very dear to him. This is a story about a person who lost his soul mate by dint of his priggishness.

‘Rehaan’ was the person who had never thought that his short tempered nature shall lead him to most clumsy predicament. He loved. He cared. He quarreled. He had always been a squabbler. There were times when he used to cry for his best friend and soul companion when they had had a tiff. ‘Ainain’ was rather a different as a person. She was patient and had a fragile heart. She was sober and possessed quite a sedate nature. Beautiful with bluish eyes and they were magnetic. Her slender arms and plait that adjoined the waist were her style mark.  Her laughter was like bright chrysanthemums swaying in bright sunlight. Her hands were svelte and white like newly fallen snow. She was very lovely indeed. Both of them were very expressive and used to share much of their daily happenings. A laughter would always be heard when they used to talk, on phone mostly. And whenever they would get a chance to meet, Ainain would die laughing when she would see Rehaan coming. Covering her mouth with svelte hands. They used to be in merry go round moods most often. Both loved each other, both cared for each other. Both used to call each other by names if one used to reply late to a message. They used to altercate and argufy very often and Ainain would tell Rehaan that he didn’t know the meaning friendship. Ainain used to sulk after their quarrels and Rehaan would quickly try to make up with her. In short they were best of the buddies and knew each other more than anyone.

 But, all changed, like seasons change on the divine order. Like trees shed their leaves after the summer bloom. Like the sunrise and the sunset. Like the night when enveloping twilight by the blanket and the dawn forcing the night to break down. Everything changes; everybody has his or her shortcomings. Rehaan’s shortcoming was his ill tempered nature. He did such a blunder and lost his priceless possession. He is remorseful of his act but nothing can be changed now. He regrets every second and every minute of his life. Ainain was no more there for him. What he had done was unpardonable, unacceptable and unjustified. His ill mannered nature had paid a huge price .All he did in a fraction of a second without knowing he was directing his illicit and malicious behavior to the person whom he loved the most in this world. Without her he was nothing. Rehaan’s rhetoric towards Ainain was totally unjust.  He couldn’t even survive for long without her. This all was put on a back burner and such an act happened out of nowhere from him and could drub any conscious soul.  Ainain had done nothing but a slight mistake just like her earlier ones. Rehaan’s untoward behavior broke her heart and rendered her soulless. Ainain still doesn’t know what happened to Rehaan that ominous day. Rehaan’s outrageous outrage and furiousness had many reasons.  Something had happened between his parents and he was all disturbed because of he had used harsh words for his father. It was the reason behind the uncanny that encircled a great companionship. Ainain lost the earth her beneath her feet when she heard those harsh and coarse words from the person she cared the most. She cried for the whole day and Rehaan after getting back to his sense was repenting. He also cried bitterly that day. But now the hands of the clock couldn’t be moved backwards. He, by his ill mannered, clodhopping and unsocial demeanor was left with hell. He cried for the divine, supernatural and supernal help, but all in vain.  His intimacy, because of a sacred bond between two souls had come to its conclusion.  He begged her, implored her not to go away, but Ainain was gone. She had gone so far that it was impossible to reach out for her. Due to the priggishness that had engulfed Rehaan and was unable to rid himself of it, met an incident that altered his life. Two souls had departed, two companions diverged and a spiritual relation broken.  Nothing in the whole world was able to save their consecrated companionship.

It’s all up to a person how he maneuvers himself out of quandary. He should have complete and absolute control on his senses and should be cognizant enough about the other person’s feelings. Everybody has a heart and everybody feels like the way you feel. ‘If you can’t respect and admire a girl then don’t even dare to hurt and insult her either. They are fragile and delicate and when they love you that means ‘only you’. Don’t let yourself hurt them. There are many a reasons how and why persons put themselves in jeopardy. It’s the human behavior first. If a person is a model of morals, ethics and etiquettes them it’s very easy for him to control himself in every downright dilemma. Rehaan loved Ainain and still does but what is that love for when you break somebody’s heart with your callous, indurate and inappropriate behavior.  Life without love is like a garden without blooms and blossoms. Everybody is in search of a soul mate with whom he/she can talk and share his/her sorrows and joys. And you are very fortunate if you find one who loves you so much and puts you as top priority. It’s unfortunate if you lose that person and reason is all you. A quote of Maulana Rumi says it all :-                                      
“An eye is meant to see things.The soul is here for its own joy.

A head has one use: For loving a true love.Feet: To chase after.

Love is for vanishing into the sky. The mind,for learning what men have done and tried to do.

Mysteries are not to be solved: The eye goes blindwhen it only wants to see why.

A lover is always accused of something.But when he finds his love, whatever was lostin the looking comes back completely changed.” 

Hope every Ainain returns to every Rehaan given the truth of the relations. Amen.

Characters used are highly fictitious. Any resemblance is regretted

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