Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Cup Of Love

‘What I was supposed to write, I extremely couldn't pen-lock that’.Maybe because of my intoxicated feelings soaked in the rain of love, refrain from doing so and my brain allowingly dysfunctional. One would always interpret this to be an extra personal  affair. Many would call it a split personality disorder. But, this is something surrealistic. I would always see and analyze things around me and end up with continuous staring followed by being pushed to a hallucinatory world of my own, where my imagination and notional affair sing and dance with the accompaniment of the songs of love. I assume my curtains to be the barriers between me and my lover and end up in removing them lest I forget about love. Ceiling above my head has its own tale to tell. I always establish myself among the various particles and sing those songs. Constant looking at my door really is an out the box fantasy. I would always open it and walk towards a glass of wine in the flower gardens of my phantasmagoric world. I would always see a bright cinnabars and vermilions swaying and casting aside my worries and sorrows. It’s the gusts of excitement that come from the beloved’s flower garden and set ablaze my feelings.

Love is a supernatural thing guided by our soul to illuminate our lives. We all see this happening around. I myself bear witness to this ethereal thing. Many a times I see my fellows losing them-self for the sake of love. Love has many forms and these forms are in the form of desires for certain things. Love for a strange soul stays at the top followed by others. Love for nature, love for profession, love for nation and love for peace and prosperity follow the first one. As I said love for a strange soul stands at the top because we all leave our own desires and passions just to see her smile. This is not an easy task. Enquire a true lover for heaven’s sake of what it takes to form a compound of true love, care and respect. I would say a lover always has to take a risk of riding a stallion of love with no visible destiny. A lover has his or her own identity and this luxury of having different identity is more than an anything else in this world. This is an identity earned by the tasks executed by heart. This is the only thing that we do from the soul. Lover’s souls are one, their fantasies are one and their dreams are one. Their dream in a dream is always about the union of their spirits. I again reiterate that a lover has to kneel before love and leave himself of himself. I’m here reminded of Che Guevara’s quote: - ‘Revolutionaries are guided by strong feelings of love’.

Known are the facts and known are realities about where a perfect and true love leads. I am not in a position to state about that. I only admire and respect all the genuine and honest lovers because they have something special added to their soul. A lover’s soul never sees a tree as a tree only. He envisages it to be a Allah’s form of love. A lover never ascertains a smile as a smile only. He ideates it to be light from an enlightened soul. He never perceives rain as a mere form of precipitation but as a song sung by heavens. He never comprehends a window as a simple conjoint of crafted wood but as a love of the lover-crafts man for his job. This is what I comprehend and gather by my meager experiences about love.Hope you all assume my flaws in this piece as unintentional as :-
‘I am neither a friend nor a companion
I am neither strong nor stubborn
I am neither known nor a commoner
I am a human-being with a beating heart
I am just intoxicated with the feelings of love’.

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