Monday, 21 May 2012

What can you enounce about the friend whose gumptions are bereft of the "bullshit" adressed as LOVE when he says "I want to babble out something serious".Taking to his conscience 'Eayenger' thought of something eldritch might have happened with his chum without any cognition of what actually has happened."she has tried to end herself up" 'Fakhrib' said with his voice tinged with melancholy and grief as to why he might be the reason for anybody to get expired."SHE" the word puzzled Eayenger so much that he was partly snarled up and partly dumbfounded as his friend might have fallen in LOVE and betrayed someone.The first sentence would have been proved fallacious, if Eayenger would not have heeded to Fakhrib.

 The coffee arrived as both of them loved it and the snacks were too spicy for the occasion as both stood there with questions to be answered  and answers to be picked up.Eayenger still with his skeptic nature enquired of him what the matter was .    *pausing for a while* .   "we were both at the same tutions ,little did I know what fate had it to say for both of us .Little did I really now that she would  fall for a primate like  me as she was superordinate than me,this I came to know when she unriddled the "brainstorming" question with much allay ", Fakhrib said cleansing his lips of the white cream that had been added to the coffee.Eayenger much to his amazement found no resoluton to his queries.

Fakhrib while tossing the empty cup of coffee on the table said "hi!! she messaged me  the very next day.I with the usual tagline of egoism replied 'do you  know me madame??'.For while Eayenger thought of what had happened and was lost his oneiric but soon came back to the world-reality.Farkhrib with his shoulders leaning downwards as if he was remorseful for the uncanny that had befallen."We chatted like friends and chat became our modus operandi with the tagline JUST me JUST her.This continued awhile and I was not knowing what her contentions were,for fortunetellers would have predicted of the the uncanny comming if taken into account for.Then came the day when she finally spitted out that she was really upto-unwanted,undesirable the words came'I LOVE YOU'.Aghast,appalled,balled over I was and with the NEGATIVE reply I marked the end of her sabbathical in my world of friendship".

 Eayenger came up the Rumi's couplet at the right time:-'

Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.
The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.
Tomorrow, when resurrection comes'. Answering in the positive would have left the ethics ,morals and etiquettes of the soul snarled up.Don't be so much practical ,her fellings will fade away like the memories.Don't be on the receiving side for RUMI has rightly said:-"
Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy,
absentminded. Someone sober
will worry about things going badly.

The characters used are  fictatious.Any resembelence is highly regretted.

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